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Paperweight Hansen
Item # 100001 Price: $95.00  
A very one-of the kind paperweight: Lampworked ruby flower on smooth iridescent surface. Waves of threads on the rare twisted ribs make up the walls of the weight, also with nice irisdescent hues of colors.
Other Photos: none

category: Paperweight>Hansen ( 2 3 4)

Coca Cola Carrier
Item # 100003 Price: $15.00  
1950 aluminum Coca cola Carrier. Carry up to 6 empty vintage coke bottles. Embossed each side with words "Drink Coca Cola".
Other Photos: none

category: Coca Cola>Carrier ( 2 3 4)

Coca Cola Tray
Item # 100004 Price: $25.00  
Old and Original, 1931 tray featuring a young boy.
Other Photos: none

category: Coca Cola>Tray ( 2 3 4)

Jewelry Necklace
Item # 100007 Price: $2,890.00  
Edwardian Vintage Cameo Necklace, 14k gold, with diamonds and pearls. With Chain included.
Other Photos: none

category: Jewelry>Necklace ( 2 3 4)

Vintage Pocket Watch
Item # 100008 Price: $2,800.00  
Swiss Art Nouveau 14k gold antique pocket watch by Borel Fils and Cie, circa 1900.
Other Photos:

category: Jewelry>Watches ( 3 4)

Art Nouveu Galle Vase
Item # 100009 Price: $1,000.00  
Antique Art Nouveau Art Glass Galle Vase.
Other Photos: none

category: Art Glass>Vase ( 2 3 4)

Wurlitzer 780E Jukebox
Item # 100022 Price: $3,100.00  
Colonial Or Wagonwheel. In Excelent working condition. Holds 24 to 77 records.
Other Photos:

category: Jukebox>Wurlitzer ( 4)

Machines Slot
Item # 100055 Price: $1,750.00  
Full Working Condition. Takes Quarters Removable Cover All Original
Other Photos: none

category: Machines>Slot ( 2 3 4)

Items above are from all Categories and all Subcategories.
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